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Find in what What are they looking at? it excites them, and secures your design or campaign.
Do you want to know how your consumers react against a new product?
Waumap allows you to make objective and reliable decisions in a quick and autonomous way about the product designs and/or services aimed at your consumers. It is an online evaluation platform that offers information about consumer responses to designs and key indicators relating to consumer perception, their visual attention and emotional reaction through facial image analysis algorithms, speech transcription and natural language processing.
Waumap uses an eye-tracking system to guide you in the design of your products, identifying where the tester's gaze is directed.
What's more, Waumap uses the testers' direct opinions, such as concepts associated with the product and the most repeated terms when describing it, to round off the analysis.
Emotion recognition.
Waumap uses an emotion recognition system that serves to reveal consumers' honest opinions based on their facial reactions and expressions in relation to the products.
It's innovative, simple and quick: it's Waumap.
Waumap is a very easy-to-use platform that intuitively guides you to enable you to test your products quickly. Available across all devices for users with no ICT or R&D skills.
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